A refeudalizáció

In the first part of my essay, after clarifying the key terms I will be using here, my intention is to present and analyse some refeudalizing tendencies within global capitalism. The second part revolves around refeudalizing tendencies as they were present in Hungary from the era of actually existing socialism up to the present day. In relation to the globalised system one can legitimately state that refeudalizing tendencies are innate in the new capitalism and appear as excesses of a capitalism unbound on the one hand, while provoking defense reactions to these on the other. With regard to processes in Hungary my main implication is that refeudalizing tendencies get more powerful when a semi-peripheral system, exposed to global processes, faces a strong challenge from the outside. This challenge is created by a radical shift in the geo-political, geo-economic balance – and this is when authoritarian and feudal tendencies gain strength.

Megjelent: Replika 96–97, 207–222.