Társadalmi tagolódás és társadalomkép kapcsolata

Néhány alapvetés és kulcskérdés az alternatív megközelítés jegyében

It is a pleasant new development, that there is after a decade a considerable revival of research on social structure. Understandably, this “new beginning” does not yield immediately a change in quality. But there are some promising new approaches, like the model of four dimensional stratification, which can improve our knowledge. But the researchers are right now in the middle of finding their own way, and further deepened research is needed so that they can reach their goals. One shortcoming of recent research of social structure is the lack of a detailed outline of the research’s goals, which goes hand in hand with a lack of a general concept of society in whiches context the results would get their meaning. The research of Kabai Imre et al. is not an exception from this.

Megjelent: Replika 96–97, 173–187.