The Anthropological Approach of DesignCommunication (DIS.CO)

The Rite of Creative Contact Creation

DesignCommunication, DIS.CO is a creative design approach, where communication emerges by making a connection to the underlying problem, problem recognition and solution which gets coded into the final product, service or procedure. In our article we describe this communicative procedure, in other words, communication integrated into development through Turner’s (1982) rites of passage and show how the phases of separation, liminality and reintegration imply to DIS.CO. As a result we may state that DesignCommunicaiton is a creative communicative ritual for making connections. DIS.CO is a unique approach to designing, which facilitates raising the right question, and serves as an intuitive and empathic integrated creative approach to all of us regardless of our previous education.

Released: Replika 106–107, 233–245.
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