Online Genres of the Hungarians in Berlin

The study compares the two online places used by Hungarians living in Berlin: the „Berlini Magyarok–csevegés“ topic was started in 2004 on, and was active in the years before the social media boom; and the „Berlini Magyarok“ Facebook group was created in March 2014. By analyzing the two online platforms, the author tries to clarify whether the migration of user-generated content can be observed when switching from one platform to another, or perhaps different contents of diaspora are generated on different platforms? The research applies the concept of ‘genre’, suggested by Daniel Miller’s work on digital anthropology as a notion that is particularly suitable for capturing online and offline communication and offline contents of online places. The first part of the study presents the digital anthropological interpretation of this concept, while also dealing with similar media ethnographic researches investigating media usage of Diasporas. Subsequently, the empirical part of the study, partly based on content analysis, presents the previously mentioned online sites of the Hungarian diaspora in Berlin in terms of communication genres that characterize them: the forum of is described as the “café” and the Facebook group of the „Berlini Magyarok“ as a “marketplace”.

Released: Replika 108–109, 209–237.