„...egy időben voltunk a világgal.” ["... we were in tune with the world."]

Replika-conversation with Gábor Kelemen

Zsolt Szijártó
Az interjút készítette:

The „Replika Monologue” of the current issue is based on an interview made with one of the previous editors, Gabor Kelemen. During the mid-nineties Kelemen created and looked after the popular E-columns section of the journal that, from very early on, tried to evaluate the changes brought about by the spread of computers and the internet in social science research. Important papers, book reviews, translations were published here in relation to the social study of the digital world. The monologue he shares includes the story of the Replika evolving into an innovative publication platform during the first period of the journal, along with details of his own life events. Thus one can read an interesting account of the era when the internet arrived to Hungary, and a story of a man with a background in engineering and sociology developing an interest for computers, and eventually becoming involved with every important developments of those early years (interactive multimedia, online journals, and media portals).

Released: Replika 108–109, 9–20.
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