Digital Anthropology – Origins, Approaches, Methodology

This introductory text locates ethnographic research on internet and digital media within the wider context of investigating the consequences of new communication and media technologies. We briefly characterize the diverse and multidisciplinary field of Cyber Studies, among them the first program of ethnographic inquiry into the internet (Cyberanthropology), and summarize the results and the problems of early attempts doing ethnographic research online. Next, we give an account of three apparent strategies for research through representative examples. Media ethnography studies the media use in different local settings, virtual ethnography emphasizes the mediatization of the “field” in research, digital ethnography sets out to explore new research designs, research and presentation tools. Finally, we argue for a unified field of digital anthropology that could be imagined in many forms (as a degrees program, a distinguished research area, or new a discipline).

Released: Replika 108–109, 119–136.
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