ICT, Youtouber, Media Usage

Review of the Thematic Issue ’Information Society’

The review expounds the thematic issue ’Information Society 2015/2’., that deals with the media consumption and infocommunicational tool use of different generations. In their studies, József Hack-Handa and Róbert Pintér demonstrate the generational differences of media consumption, Gyöngyvér Tőkés explores the results of the qualitative data acquisition happened after EU Kids 2013 data collection, Rita Glózer and Ádám Guld make a wider context to the phenomenon of YouTube vloggers, Barbara Sólyom presents the results of the qualitative research dealing with the use of smart phones among the members of the younger generations, Márta Kőrisné Mikis highlights the edifications of a supplementary study group was established to make students more conscious in terms of internet usage, and finally, in the last study, Zita Merényi presents the museum pedagogy program that has been established to foster the dialogue between generations.

Released: Replika 99, 129–135.
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