„Let us State, Instead of Denying the Negation”

A Discussion About György Szabados’ Life Work. Part I.

The discussion interprets György Szabados’ life work. The train of thoughts attempts to reconstruct the social philosophical concept of the well-known jazz and contemporary music composer. So a better understanding of Szabados’ relationship to classic and contemporary music and his specific musical world – that is based on traditional folk music, Bartók and jazz – can occur. The discussion interprets Szabados’ relationship to sacrality, to the Enlightenment and to Schönbergian atonality, and also gives an image about the sociology of East-central European art music. The interview deals with how Szabados’ folkish engagement affects his world vision and music. Finally, the interpretation of the parlando-rubato nature of Szabados’ music attempts to highlight how Szabados tried to grab the essence of the authentic being in his music.

Released: Replika 99, 7–17.