Do parallels meet in infinity?

Pierre Bourdieu’s and Luc Boltanski’s critique of capitalism

Ágoston Fáber aims at pointing out the differences and similarities in the way Pierre Bourdieu and his heretic disciple Luc Boltanski conceive of as well as criticize capitalism. Both sociologists turned towards the issue of capitalism in the 90s: while Bourdieu have been sharply criticizing the so called ‘neoliberal turn’ already since the mid-90s, Boltanski emerged among scholars analyzing and criticizing capitalism in 1999 with his work The New Spirit of Capitalism, written in cooperation with Eve Chiapello. Although both Bourdieu and Boltanski use theoretical constructions while dealing with the subject of capitalism, their personal as well as scholarly preferences play a significant role in their projects. In this essay the author explores why these two sociologists, with common interest in capitalism, however, applying different approaches, might stand on the same platform at the beginning of the new millennium.

Released: Replika 62, 109–125.