„Artistic Concept by Miss Arizona and Sándor Rozsnyai”

The Shows of the Arizona Revue Dancing and Their Effects and Elements (1932–1944)

The study provides the first scientific analysis and interpretation of the shows of a Budapest nightclub, based on newly uncovered sources. The Arizona Revue Dancing used to be the club of the Hungarian elite in the 1930s, and its shows reached international fame by the end of the decade. Instead of the elements of the local entertainment tradition, the owners, Sándor Rozsnyai and his wife based their shows on their own earlier experience as touring artists around Europe. In their relatively small club they created a unique „playground for adults” using several mechanic equipments, and produced spectaculars based on their original ideas, and frequently erotic dance acts. During their 12 years of operation four traceable phases can be identified, each with its own different dramaturgy and working practice, and they seem to correspond to the political changes of the era.

Released: Replika 101–102, 89–118.
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