„Let us State, Instead of Denying the Negation.” A Discussion About György Szabados’ Life Work. Part III.

The discussion interprets György Szabados’ life work. The train of thoughts attempts to reconstruct the social philosophical concept of the well-known jazz and contemporary music composer. So a better understanding of Szabados’ relationship to classic and contemporary music and his specific musical world – that is based on traditional folk music, Bartók and jazz – can occur. The final part of the discussion positions Szabados’ Works in the field of contemporary music. It argues that Szabados’ approach was similar to a group of composers in Central and Eastern Europe like Penderecki and Lutoslawski. It also analyses the reception of Szabados’ music among Hungarian contemporary classical and jazz musicians. Finally, it discusses the last period of Szabados’ workmanship, along with his relation to public policy and his music pedagogic oeuvre.

Released: Replika 101–102, 197–209.
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