Landscapes with Brushes

Radnóti Sándor (2022): A táj keletkezéstörténetei. „Ők, akik nézték Hannibál hadát”. Budapest: Atlantisz.

The paper attempts to outline the thought process of Sándor Radnóti’s book on landscape and landscape painting in three steps. (1) What is the relationship between the concept of landscape and landscape painting? (2) The meaning of the concept of mimesis for landscape painting; the crisis of mimesis in modernity (Gadamer). (3) Templates in landscape painting – on the way to the concept of kitsch. A turn in the aesthetics of the concept of kitsch? (Adorno and postmodernism.) Finally, in a short concluding chapter, the review assesses the significance of the book.

Megjelent: Replika 128, 127–135.
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