„Egy véges világban nem képzelhető el végtelen növekedés”

Sustainability – and, more broadly, environmental protection – is a cardinal issue of our time. This is evident in public discourse, politics and in many different fields of science (Kollár 2020). In line with this, the primary aim of this paper is to explore the different conceptual schemas that are manifested in the field of sustainability: in other words, to capture the different narratives that emerge around the issue of sustainability. On the other hand, the study focuses on presenting the main characteristics of the sharing economy narratives in the field of sustainability. The analysis is based on a large sample of data from 2021, which explores the sharing economy from several angles. However, the aim of the study is not only to empirically capture the different narratives on the sharing economy, but also to explore which social groups with different attitudes are particularly interested in which narratives.


Released: Replika 127, 95–113.
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