Participatory Video in the Museum

After the 2000’s museums have become increasingly open and participatory, with an emphasis on the audience’s active involvement, community empowerment, and shared knowledge production. Accordingly, museums are adapting new methodologies to their toolbox, and in the process participatory video was launched in the museum. In my study, 
I try to find the answer to the question of how participatory video can be used as a museum pedagogical tool and/or as a mediator method. Through selected examples, I present the InsightShare participatory video program and its museum adaptation and analyse the project Decolonizing Cultural Spaces: The Living Cultures (2020). I will also introduce Hungarian museum sessions of the participatory video: the Hungarian Jewish Museum’s participatory film camp project (2015) and Sopron Museum’s MyStory project (2018).

Released: Replika 124, 129–142.
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