From Local Concerns to Global Perspectives

Book review on „The explanation lies out there…” Conversations with József Böröcz

The book contains eight interviews, in which the author, renowned for his highly critical stance on social and political issues of our times, tries to explain the path of his intellectual development, and provides insights into his thoughts. The conversations embrace a wide range of issues: the European integration, the East-European system changes and their economic and social consequences, the roots of contemporary wars, racism, and the newest turn to populist and authoritarian politics. His views have been formed by the world-systems analysis and dependence-theories of development, buttressed by empirical research, and illustrated through many good examples taken from the past and present of Hungary and the global world. The author’s radicalism does not root in a doctrinal utopianism, rather in his uncompromised pursuit of truth instead of indulging in self-serving complacencies.

Released: Replika 123, 197–200.
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