Rethinking the Schemes of Social Stratification. The Transsystemic Trends of Stratification.

Tracing the Andorka Model

In the first part of our study we give a tight evaluation about the main constructions connected with social structure. Our assumption is, that the different constructions can only partially mirror the colourful configuration of the society. The second part shows the preliminaries of the Andorka model, and the different model variations, finally the third part – on the basis of empirical data – draw the long term trends of stratification. According to the further expansion of the different strata, our data sign the emerge upper cellings, or close to celling situation, which contributed remarkably to the conservation of the social structure. Moreover, the trends allow to conclude, that the modernisation not always remained together with growing proportion of non-manual occupations. Consequently, social development, and inside the social structure shows rather cyclical process. 


Released: Replika 121–122, 251–275.