„Peccsdzsem maszlinás borkányban”

Nándor Jakab-Benke’s monologue

Az interjút készítette:

The monologue introduces the compilation of articles on linguistic ethnography and anthropology; it is based on an interview with Nándor Jakab-Benke conducted by Gergely Szabó and Csanád Bodó. Its main topics are the language issues of Jakab-Benke’s media work, with special reference to his series entitled as Sekler language lessions. These lessions represented the ways the Seklers speak in the form of videos that went viral. The title of the monologue comes from the series, showing the particularities of this speech mode by consisting of regional (peccs ’csipkebogyó’), international (dzsem ’jam’) and Romanian-origin (maszlinás ’[that of] olives’, borkány ’jar’) lexical items.

Released: Replika 119–120, 121–132.