Women in Science

The Interrelation of the Content of Gender Identity and Sexist Beliefs in the Careers of Academic Women in Hungary

While many women in Hungarian society completely reject all manifestations of everyday sexism and take collective action to change it, others agree with most of the gender stereotypes, which can be an indirect obstacle on the areas overrepresented by men. My study examines the attitude of the female members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences towards the question of „What does it mean to be a woman?”, what is their relationship to their own social group in terms of characteristics, qualities, interests and values? How does the essentializing discourse appear in their own career? My study also poses whether the exceptions (female academics) lead to a further strengthening of traditional perceptions and norms, or conversely, whether the transformation of the former closed system (male majority) has started in Hungary. Along this, how do the members of a seemingly more homogeneous group of women differ and how do they form different types regarding gender identity?

Released: Replika 117–118, 151–176.
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