Attempts to Overcoming Youth Culture

The First Hungarian Concept Albums (1971–1973)

The main topic of my paper is the 1970s music genre called concept album as a special compositional form or medial construction and its positions and functions in poprock music of Kádár era in Hungary. At first, I delineate the diffi culties of defi ning concept albums, highlighting some important notions in connection with the birth of this medial construction in the late sixties. In the second part of the study, I carry out an overall analysis about three early Hungarian concept albums (Illés: Human Rights, 1971; Omega: Szvit [Suite], 1973; Bergendy: Hétfő / Hét fő [Monday], 1973). The subsequent career of this special medial form in Hungary will also be investigated. Finally, I attempt to interpret the reception of such records in Hungary by the concepts of fashion, occidentalism and aestheticization.

Released: Replika 115–116, 175–204.
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