Possibilities and Limitations of Ecological Communication in Modern Society

The study explores the social-theoretical aspects of ecological communication from a functionalist point of view. The analysis interprets the reaction of the subsystems of modern society. It examines how the main segments of society (economy, politics, education, etc.) respond to environmental challenges and to the communication of the movements that represent it. The analysis thus examines the impact and potential of ecological communication. The paper focuses on the reasons why large sections of society may be relatively uninterested in environmental protection or responding only with difficulty and slowly to environmental challenges. On the other hand, the study analyzes how environmental aspects can play a greater role in social communication. The analysis explores what partial results the ecological communication has achieved and which are the structural changes in society that offer greater scope for environmental protection. The final unit of the paper interprets the relationship of the ecological communication and the social milieus in Hungary, involving the recent value researches.

Released: Replika 114, 7–39.