Changing Role of the Practice of Using Symbolical Space

Our study analyzes the symbolical space using practice in the period from the social-political turnaround of Romania in 1989 to the present in Szeklerland. Our aim is to present the trended changes in the symbolical space using practice in the public space since the regime change. The study is based on results of individual and group research programs conducted at WAC – Centre for Regional and Anthropological Research. These researches were conducted through anthropological, social-historical and sociological methods. In the first part of the study, we briefly describe the characteristics of the period before 1989, which determined the symbolical place using practice after the Romanian social-political turnaround. Analyzing the results of the research programs, we determined three intervals from 1990 to the present. In the first interval, symbolical space using practice was dominated by rehabilitation processes. In the second interval, creating new symbolic spaces and events was more typical. In the last interval, new processes have emerged, such as integration and individualization. In addition to analyzing the changes, we also aim at presenting the social function of symbolical space using practice in different time intervals.

Released: Replika 105, 147–161.
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