A Reply to „Big Data and Sociology”, or a Chance Meeting of a Methodological Paradigm and a PhD Research

Our digital world produces such amounts of data that is beyond our imagination. A group of sociologists and data researchers define this as the Big Data phenomenon and regard it as a new possibility of knowledge. Others, though, emphasize the doubts and the limitations of using “Big Data”. This interdisciplinary approach was summarized in a 2015 thematic issue of Replika, the statements formulated there are confronted here in form of a case study. A “metadata” generated in the national public administration containing the local representatives and a PhD research concept form the basis of the discussion. The database used is classified as a Bid Data phenomenon in the broad sense of the term, and the possibilities and limitations of scholarly usage of generated data are evaluated by the research results.

Released: Replika 103, 159–167.
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