Borders of the Romanian Nation – Region and Identity in the Szeklerland and the Republic of Moldova

In our study we examine the interactions between the current (post-1989) Romanian nation- and state-building politics and policies and the local, regional identity politics in the region of Szeklerland in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova. Through border-creation mechanisms and practices we try to grab the essence of these processes and the parallels and differences between them. Based on an anthropological fieldwork in the Republic of Moldova (in 2015) and the Szekler region (continuously) and on the comparative study of the historical contexts we try to understand some contradictions experienced in both regions: integration and differentiation, intervention and indifference, familiarity and strangeness. We focus on such issues as the local/regional identity-building and symbolical practices, nationalist discourses, relations of the minority groups with their kin states, nation-building policies of concerned countries through citizenship etc.

Released: Replika 105, 107–145.
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