Márta Szénay: SurPRISE – an Irregular Opinion Research on Surveillance, Privacy and Security

SurPRISE project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme organised citizen summits in nine European countries in order to collect opinions on surveillance based security technologies such as smart CCTV, surveillance drones, smartphone location, biometric identification or internet surveillance using DPI (deep packet inspection). The research was irregular compared to traditional polls, because it not only asked questions, but also provided information to participants in advance to asking the questions, making possible for them to meet different opinions about the topics covered by the research. The citizen summit also provided possibility for participants to share their opinions with fellow citizens, mature or change it in debates in case of disagreement, and then, at the end of the summit, they could elaborate knowledge based recommendations for the local and European decision makers. This study tries to summarise what “citizens” thought about surveillance, privacy and security, and describes their main dilemmas, claims and recommendations.

Released: Replika 103, 37–59.
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