Security and Privacy - Part I.

Questioning and Superseding the Trade-off Model

This study analyses the complex relationship between security and privacy, in particular the validity of the supposed trade-off relationship, and the possibilities of superseding a virtual zero-sum game in this area. The study is divided into two major parts, which are made available in simultaneously published issues of two separate scholarly journals featuring harmonized thematic blocks of articles. The fi rst part is available in the present issue of Replika, while the second part is available in the connecting issue of Információs Társadalom [Information Society] in both printed and electronic formats. In Part I of the study the authors review the meanings and connotations of the two central notions, and present the characteristics and critical approaches of the trade-off model with regard to the security-privacy conflict. Th e possible approaches of studying this conflict are presented through the activities of a European research project, followed by the exposition of the concept and realization of a large-scale international empirical survey. From among the findings of the survey those relating to the validity of the trade-off model are discussed in detail.

Released: Replika 103, 13–36.
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